Empowering Industrial Applications With Wireless Connectivity

Industrial wireless technology has become a game-changer for Industry 4.0, promising greater efficiency, flexibility, and connectivity. Driven by the growing adoption of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), the demand for wireless connectivity in industrial applications has surged. The use of industrial wireless technology has also propelled the deployment of autonomous and interconnected devices. Wireless technology is now becoming an integral part of networks in many industries, ranging from factory automation, to medical care, all the way to mining.

Meeting Surging Demand of the Industrial Wireless Market

Industrial applications require easy integration, robust security, and enhanced reliability to ensure smooth operations. Industrial wireless with roaming technologies play a vital role in addressing the growing need to minimize downtime and boost efficiency in industrial networking applications.

  • Efficiency Through Seamless Integration
  • Security as a Top Priority
  • Solid Reliability With Turbo Roaming

Efficiency Through Seamless Integration

Our AWK Series AP/bridge/clients feature a compact, robust design for easy machine installation, offering a wide range of connectivity options to suit specific needs. Combined with flexible configuration options, the AWK Series can easily be integrated into any industrial wireless network.

Security as a Top Priority

Our AWK Series complies with the IEC 62443-4-2 and IEC 62443-4-1 industrial cybersecurity certifications. The AWK Series products support the latest WPA3 encryption and Network Address Translation (NAT) to help our customers meet the compliance requirements of secure network design and simplify outbound connections.

Solid Reliability With Turbo Roaming

Moxa’s AWK Series features Turbo Roaming capable of millisecond-level handovers for reliable wireless connectivity. Furthermore, the AWK’s sturdy design built to withstand extreme temperatures ensures solid reliability in challenging outdoor environments.


Seamless Movement for Your AGVs and AMRs

AGVs and AMRs rely on real-time data to make split-second decisions, optimize routes, and perform tasks with precision. In such a dynamic environment, high wireless latency can quickly lead to operational disruptions, downtime, and even accidents. A high-bandwidth, low-latency wireless network is key to making sure autonomous vehicles move smoothly. Find out how Moxa's AWK Series steps in to address these wireless challenges.

Secure Wireless Transmissions to Protect Patient Data

See how Moxa's AWK Series enable secure transmissions of high-quality X-ray images and patient data. WIth a complete set of built-in security features including IEC 62443-4-2 certified security, firewall ACLs, and WPA3 encryption, the AWK Series protects confidential patient information against cyberthreats.

Robust Wireless Connectivity for Driverless Truck Fleets

Driverless, remote-controlled mining trucks use SLAM scanner technology with high-definition cameras to precisely navigate the rough mining terrain towards their intended destination. Moxa's AWK-4252A Series supports various deployment scenarios, either acting as a Wi-Fi access point mounted on tunnel walls or as a Wi-Fi client installed on the autonomous trucks themselves. Explore how Moxa's AWK-4252A Series enhances the capabilities of driverless trucks.