Data Acquisition—
The OT Data You Need At Your Fingertips

We all know that large amounts of data are readily available in operational sites. However, throughout our 30 years of experience in helping customers connect to their OT data, two challenges have consistently made data acquisition difficult.

Is Production Inefficiency Caused by Poor Data Acquisition Methods?

  • In the past, controllers (such as PLC and DCS) received data from operating devices for mostly monitoring and control purposes, so engineers regarded controllers as the best option to retrieve the required OT data. However, requiring controllers to provide additional data continuously will eventually affect the efficiency of the initial control function. Learn how our remote I/Os or industrial communication can resolve your problems.

Silos Everywhere —
Can We Break Free From
This OT Data Deadlock?

  • OT systems are typically used for long periods, so it is common that equipment from a variety of vendors functions in the same system. Moreover, each equipment has its own proprietary communication protocol. Therefore, data silos have formed over time. When seeking to aggregate data from different systems, proprietary protocols make integration difficult. Learn how our industrial protocol gateways, including BACnet gateways, offer you a solution.