Data Preparation—
Seamlessly Integrating With IT Systems

The success of industrial digital transformation lies in the smooth flow of data between OT and IT systems. Therefore, if OT data can be converted into usable data for IT systems, more effective real-time display, analysis, and feedback can be achieved. First, two common challenges need to be overcome.

On Point for OT;
A Mystery for IT

  • In Industrial DX, IT cannot analyze OT data directly without context. For example, the value read from a 16-bit temperature sensor is 10,000. What needs to be added to this value is the temperature unit to indicate whether it’s Celsius or Fahrenheit, as well as the time of occurrence. Moreover, continuously transmitting the same data to the cloud is not cost-efficient. Learn how our IIoT gateway can resolve your problems.

How Can We Achieve True Intelligence With Such Slow Reaction Time?

  • The beauty of Industrial DX is in analyzing OT data and receiving real-time feedback to optimize operating equipment. But if all decisions must wait for analysis, the response time may be too slow to meet the real-time requirements of OT. Therefore, the current approach is to train AI models through cloud computing and deploy the trained AI models on edge computers to perform inference and/or prediction, based on the application’s requirements.