Data Transmission—
Avoid Incomplete OT Data

To avoid receiving incomplete data that leads to poor data analysis, a reliable OT data network is the key to your success. Let’s take a closer look at two common challenges that make data completeness difficult to achieve.

Heat Waves Are Not Only Terrible For You But Also
For Your Data

  • Since OT environments are not normally as stable as IT environments, data transmissions will inevitably be affected by environmental issues, such as extreme temperatures or electromagnetic waves generated when starting a device, causing network interruptions and incomplete data. Therefore, strengthening network resilience needs serious consideration.

Is Your OT Data Always
At the Wrong Place
At The Wrong Time?

  • To meet the requirements of Industrial DX, more diverse and real-time data is needed. Inevitably, this will significantly increase the amount of OT data that needs to be transmitted. Furthermore, high-definition images have gradually become an important source. Therefore, keeping the control data as the first priority to continue operations becomes crucial. Learn how time-sensitive networking (TSN) can resolve your problems.