Media Converters That Meet Multiple Requirements

With the trend to realize the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) through converged networks, the demand for media converters to convert and extend networks has also increased significantly. Moxa offers a comprehensive media converter portfolio to fulfill your multiple media conversion requirements. No matter whether its media conversion between different serial interfaces or extension requirements for long-distance communication, Moxa offers multiple media converters that include serial-to-serial, serial-to-fiber, fieldbus-to-fiber, and Ethernet-to-fiber, meeting any media conversion.

Benefits Moxa’s Media Converters Offer

  • A Wide Selection

    Our media converters offer multiple solutions that not only fulfill multiple serial interfaces conversions, but also enable network extension for both serial and Ethernet interfaces through fiber networks.

  • Industrial-Grade Design

    Moxa’s media converters are designed to endure harsh environments, such as wide operating temperature, high EMI immunity and, backed by various industrial certificates, ensure smooth operation.

  • Easy and Flexible Deployment

    The plug-and-play design makes our media converters easy to deploy in any application. Moreover, our high port-density modular design enhances network flexibility for large-scale deployment.