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Industry-tailored Solution for Mission-Critical Applications

Moxa’s Industrial Ethernet Solutions are tailor-made to unlock automation network convergence for demanding industrial applications. With help from Moxa solutions, multiple industrial networks can be unified into a single integrated Ethernet-centric solution that includes wired, wireless, and security connectivity. The outstanding performance and stability of Moxa’s solutions form a trusted backbone for any business. With worldwide experience in product integration, Moxa also specializes in providing solutions for a variety of vertical markets, especially rail, ITS, smart grid, marine, oil and gas, and process automation.

Increase system resilience with network and power redundancy.
Noise Guard
Wire-speed Zero Packet Loss Ethernet communication in extreme electrically-noisy environments.
Gore-tex IP Cameras
Use IP cameras protected by Gore-tex that work wet or dry, in rain or shine.
Turbo Roaming
Keep up with fast-moving mobile applications with millisecond-speed wireless handoff times.
Industrial Reliability
Use products tough enough to stand up to extreme temperatures, vibrations, and shocks.
ECDIS Technology
Precise color calibration with a reliable and fine-tuned color library.

Industry Solutions
• EN 50155
• EN 50121-4
• EN 50121-3-2
• eMark
• IEC 61850-3
• IEEE 1613
• IEEE 1588
• DNV • GL
• ABS • LR • NK
• Class 1 Div. 2
• ATEX Zone 2