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Thomas Heuwinkel, Regional Sales Manager

Moxa Europe GmbH

Why did you choose to work at Moxa?

With respect to a sales position, Moxa offers a unique situation. The company has 20 years of experience in the market, yet we´re in the middle of a globalization process, which offers lots of opportunities. The existing customer base gives me job security. The expansion process is my chance to take exploit Moxa´s enormous future potential. The European subsidiary plays a major role in Moxa's international operations, and being part of this company is both a challenge and a very satisfying task.

What do you think is the secret to succeeding at Moxa? What kind of person will succeed at Moxa?

People who can identify themselves with Moxa´s core values of integrity, execution, mutual respect, and customer focus will not only succeed at Moxa, they will simply enjoy working here. They will quickly realize how to use their role and responsibilities in order to achieve a mutually beneficial situation. A visionary person will clearly see the potential to develop himself/herself within Moxa.

What makes Moxa different from other companies?

The biggest difference that I've found between Moxa and other companies is the people, their spirit, their belief in the company and its future, and their belief in the technology that Moxa provides.

What I like most about working at Moxa is the level of commitment shown by the company and all employees. If a decision has been made, people at Moxa assume full ownership and responsibility for it. Moxa´s long term planning gives me security. It is a well-structured company committed to execution. This makes Moxa fast – in development, time to market, implementing strategies and in growth.

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