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Automated Fuel Management System (AFMS) for Gas Stations

Location / Country : USA

Product Solutions:

Project Introduction

To minimize fuel consumption costs, transportation and construction fleets need to accurately record and report fuel usage to other enterprise systems and the fleet maintenance system. One of Moxa’s customers in the United States is a leading provider of automated fuel management systems in asset supervision on board the trucks and is often used on tank trucks used to transport gasoline to gas stations across the state of Texas. Their automated fuel management system, or AFMS, features fuel control terminals that track how much fuel is pumped into the trucks, and CAN-bus vehicle data and fuel tank monitoring systems installed on each truck in the fleet. However, the customer still needed a quick and reliable way to monitor fuel and vehicle data being collected at the fuel control terminals, on board the vehicles, and the tank monitoring systems.

System Requirements

• Devices must be UL C1D2-compliant for hazardous applications.

• CAN-bus wireless clients on the tank trucks must be integrated into the AFMS.

• Highly-secure network needed for AFMS transmissions.

Moxa Solution

To prevent theft and maintain effective inventory control, the amount of gasoline being transported by the truck is constantly measured by a probe inside the bulk fuel tank as part of the tank monitoring system. Since each truck also needs a separate fuel tank to supply gasoline, the customer’s AFMS also includes a CAN-bus vehicle monitoring system to track vital vehicle parameters, fuel consumption, and tire pressure on a single device. By installing an AWK-3121 access point atop the kiosk, information from the bulk tank, and fuel truck (via CAN-bus), can be gathered and sent to an adjacent AWK-3121 client, which will then transmit the data to an AWK-4121 IP68 wireless access point located at the gas station control room.

This WLAN provided a secure AFMS for the company and its fleet of fuel trucks. The next step was to outfit the fuel control terminals with a wireless networking device to collect data from the trucks and transmit that data to a wireless LAN for remote monitoring. Since the fuel control terminals are connected to gas pumps at gas stations served by the fleet, Moxa decided to use the AWK-4121 wireless access point designed for outdoor applications to set up a wireless LAN. So when a truck pulls up to a gas pump, data from the tank monitoring system and the vehicle monitoring system will automatically be accessible by the supervisory system over the fleet’s WLAN.

Why Moxa

• Compliance with strict UL C1D2 standards for hazardous locations ensures that the wireless connections can run safely in highly volatile gas station environments.

• Automatic data collection without manual operation enhances efficiency, reduces human error, and guards against unwanted modifications and unauthorized access.

• Network segmentation effectively and conveniently achieved by establishing a VLAN that accommodates the individual needs of the many companies and gas stations served by the fleet of tank trucks.


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