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Embedded Serial Boards for Process Control Systems

Location / Country : Europe

Product Solutions:

4-port RS-232/422/485 PC/104-Plus modules

Project Introduction

Process control systems are automatic platforms used in a wide variety of industries to operate a plant more cost-effectively and efficiently. Traditionally, automobile manufacturers had to use a different computer to connect each automation device in the production process including pressing machines, robots, and testing machines. A leading European automobile manufacturer wanted to use just one computer to connect all of these machine automation devices and decided to use Moxa's CB-114 embedded serial board for their process control system.

Moxa's CB-114 embedded serial communication board can accommodate multiple high performance peripherals for field devices that use RS-232/422/285 serial communication protocols. In fact, one computer can use up to 4 CB-114 boards, supporting 16 additional COM ports. As a result, the manufacturer can easily monitor and control the entire machine automation process with a single computer. Thanks to the CB-114, the manufacturer no longer needs to worry about purchasing and maintaining a separate computer for each automation device in the production process.



Moxa Solution

The CB-114 is a PC/104-Plus module that can be stacked inside an embedded computer to save space. Due to space limitations, the manufacturer decided to use Moxa's CB-114 in an embedded system for its machine automation process. The CB-114 features 4 RS-232/422/485 serial ports for COM port expansion to integrate data transmission for peripheral devices. Furthermore, the CB-114 provides drivers for Windows CE 5.0 and Windows XP Embedded, which are popular in embedded systems.


1. Small form factor: 90 x 96 mm (3.54 x 3.78 in)
2. Self-stacking bus eliminates the need for backplanes or card cages
3. 921.6 Kbps maximum baudrate for super fast data transmission
4. On-chip H/W and S/W flow control
5. Built-in 15 KV ESD protection
6. Onboard Tx and Rx LED indicators for each port
7. Drivers for Windows CE 5.0, Windows XP Embedded, Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008(x86 and x64), Windows 9x/ME/NT, Linux 2.4/2.6, QNX 6, and DOS




Why Moxa

1. Compact size is ideal for PC-based embedded systems
2. Up to 4 serial COM ports that provide cost-effective port expansion
3. Support various operating systems to reduce the cost of future upgrades
4. Set RS-232, RS-422 , and RS-485 operations independently for each port