Ensuring the Uptime of Your Wireless Network
For AGV and AS/RS Systems

Automated material handling (AMH) systems are expected to keep booming in the coming years thanks to developing trends in e-commerce and smart factories. Among the AMH market segments, automated guided vehicles (AGV) have the highest potential for growth (CAGR 9.3%*) followed by automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS) (CAGR 7.7%*), in the 4-year period from 2019 to 2024*.

AGV and AS/RS systems are considered “mission critical” assets. An unstable wireless signal could easily disrupt the operation of these systems. To ensure continuous operation, a reliable wireless solution with seamless Wi-Fi connectivity and easy network management is an absolute must.

*Source: Automated Materials Handling Market in Manufacturing-Forecast to 2024, MarketsandMarkets

Why Moxa Wireless Solutions Are a Perfect Match for
Your AGV and AS/RS Systems

  • Simplified Network Management
  • Reliable Networks for Mobile Operations
  • Compact but Rugged

Simplified Network Management

MXview Wireless gives you a clear view of your AGV and AS/RS systems' wireless network through the visual interface from which you can view the real-time network topology and the network status dashboard. Moreover, whenever there is an anomaly, the system will send out an alert automatically. You can also play back the roaming history to identify and solve the root cause and get your systems running normally again as quickly as possible.

Reliable Networks for Mobile Operations

To ensure continuous AGV operations, our AWK Series AP/bridge/clients feature Turbo Roaming technology to achieve millisecond-level handoffs. Moreover, the unique MAC Clone function can be enabled on all the AWK Series to support PROFINET communication over wireless networks. Some AWK Series also support the unique AeroMag technology which automatically performs basic wireless setup when adding new Wi-Fi devices to the network, reducing the time spent configuring Wi-Fi settings and preventing errors caused through manual input.

Feel interested to MAC Clone? Watch the video here:

Compact but Rugged

The AWK Series wireless clients are small yet strong and come with built-in isolation for both power and antenna ports to protect against interference and noise. All AWK Series devices undergo rigorous testing to ensure suitability for environments with extreme vibration. Moreover, with a wide operating temperature range of -40 to 75°C, the AWK Series wireless products are deployable in cold-storage warehouses.

Reliable Wireless Solutions for Your AGV and AS/RS Systems

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MXview Wireless

Newly Launched MXview Add-on Module Specially Designed for Wireless Network Management
  • View Wi-Fi connections and network status at a glance
  • Play back the roaming history to identify the root cause of issues
  • Minimize downtime through instant alerts

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