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MOXA's Active Ethernet I/O strengthens remote data acquisition in NI LabVIEW

MOXA is pleased to inform you that ioLogik E2000 Active Ethernet I/O servers are compatible with NI LabVIEW 8.


Active Ethernet I/O is a powerful new concept in remote data acquisition where I/O events trigger customized messages that are instantly sent to host computers. Active Ethernet I/O supports traditional Modbus/TCP for maximum compatibility with existing applications.


"NI LabVIEW is very popular in the fields of monitoring, testing, and measurement," said Andy Cheng, Division Manager of Active Ethernet I/O products. "Active Ethernet I/O is an opportunity to extend LabVIEW's remote monitoring capability." LabVIEW's built-in Modbus library can easily be used to connect to an Active Ethernet I/O server. LabVIEW also has a passive TCP software component that can instantly receive TCP/UDP messages from Active Ethernet I/O servers, without incurring any additional costs.


The application guide for using ioLogik E2000 I/O servers with LabVIEW is now available for download on MOXA's web site. For more information, please refer to https://www.moxa.com/product/Micro_RTU_Controller.htm


About Active Ethernet I/O
The Active Ethernet I/O server enhances the flexibility of PC-based data acquisition and control systems with proactive condition-based reporting and control of I/O device status. Whereas I/O servers are traditionally passive and must be polled for data, the Active Ethernet I/O server reports and controls I/O status based on user-specified conditions. This report-by-exception approach, new to PC-based I/O monitoring, requires far less bandwidth than traditional polling methods. Critical sensor data can be obtained immediately instead being subject to polling intervals.

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