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Embedded Computers Optimized for Cloud Deployments
The Internet of Things offers great possibilities for industrial providers, but the lack of specialized platforms is a big obstacle to building clouds for industries like traffic management, or the smart grid. Read on to find out about the connectivity solutions Moxa is already building for the massively distributed networks to come. Read more.
How to Ensure the Stability and Reliability of Your Serial-to-Ethernet Network Architecture
One of the most important requirements for serial-to-Ethernet technology is providing stable and reliable data communications between each network node. In this article, we highlight the three types of reliability that are needed to ensure stable connections in a serial-to-Ethernet network architecture: (1) host reliability, (2) network reliability, and (3) device reliability. Read more.

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Industrial IEEE 802.11a/b/g Wireless AP/Bridge/Client
Marine Solutions for ECDIS Navigation, Dynamic Positioning, Deep Well Pump, and Oil Spill Detection Systems