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Challenges and Solutions for Efficient CCTV in Road Transportation
Although IP CCTV video surveillance systems are now commonplace around the world, not all systems are created equal. Moxa’s low cost, flexible, and efficient IP CCTV solutions are making an impact in Taichung, Taiwan. The video surveillance system encompasses every aspect of the bus line, including stations, buses, and control rooms. Read more.
Pain-Free RS-485 Installation and Troubleshooting
Anyone who uses RS-485 will agree that manually adjusting pull-high/low and terminator resistors through trial and error are major pain points. Wouldn't it be great if it were possible to configure your RS-485 devices in just one step? There's now a new technology that eliminates the hassle of setting up or tuning serial hardware in RS-485 networks. Read more.

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EN 50155 16-port managed Ethernet switches
EN 50155 16+2G-port managed Ethernet switches
Intel Case Study: Marine Disaster Recovery Through Intelligent Systems