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Industrial Cellular Solutions - Cellular Router/Gateway/IP Modem
LTE Gateway with both Ethernet and Serial Connectivity

Moxa's Industrial cellular solutions are designed for WWAN (Wireless Wide Area Network) communications with serial and Ethernet devices over cellular networks.
With the rise in demand for broader bandwidth to stream live videos over cellular, Moxa's industrial cellular Wireless WAN (WWAN) solutions have now expanded to the HSPA realm.
With the widened bandwidth, Moxa's HSPA/LTE enabled cellular devices can now allow for live streaming of video feeds anywhere at any time.

Moxa's industrial cellular solutions includes industrial routers, industrial gateways, industrial modems and softwares.

Industrial Routers

Cellular IP Gateway - Serial and Ethernet to Cellular

Industrial Cellular Modem - GSM/GPRS Cellular Modem

OnCell Central Manager Software

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