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Being able to quickly and easily monitor massive numbers of I/Os is always a big concern for IT engineers. Today, Industrial IoT (IIoT) brings a new trend into the automation world. Collecting real-time production information is the key for IIoT. RESTful API and MQTT are new technologies for IoT applications, but IT engineers need to spend time to familiarize themselves with these new protocols. However, the SNMP protocol is a proven technology for large-scale data acquisition systems. Moxa’s SNMP solutions are IT-friendly, and can be easily integrated with existing network management systems to monitor facilities and ensure safety. Our SNMP solutions can be used to monitor facilities’ conditions, including temperature, humidity, airflow, power, pressure, noise, on/off status, and vibration in the factory. SNMP trap is also supported by our solutions and can be configured to send immediate warnings to a central site to ensure the device network is monitored and controlled efficiently.

Customer Concerns
  • IT engineers are not familiar with SCADA systems
  • Traditional polling type communication is not sufficient
  • The IEC programming language is not easy to learn
How Moxa’s SNMP Smart I/O Benefits Customers
  • Reduce Implementation Cost: Easy integration with an existing IT network’s management software
  • Eliminate Message Gaps: Configurable SNMP trap messages can be sent actively
  • Shortened Learning Curve: Coding-free Click&Go control logic for easy facility management
Expandable I/O
ioLogik 2500 Series
  • Supports SNMP (v1/v2c/v3) and SNMP trap
  • Coding-free with Click&Go Plus logic
  • IO expansion with ioLogik E1200 series
  • Ethernet/WiFi/2G/3G connection

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Entry-Level I/O
ioLogik E1200 Series
  • SNMP (v1/v2c) and SNMP trap
  • Compact size and plug and play
  • Ethernet connection

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  Related Product
MGate W5108/W5208 Series
  • Supports SNMP (v1, v2, v3) and SNMP trap
  • Quick installation by user-friendly web console
  • Easy maintenance with protocol analyzer and fault alarm

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About Moxa Smart I/O

As an innovative solution provider of industrial automation applications, Moxa provides a wide range of IO products for industrial automation. In 2006, Moxa was the first company to introduce the Smart IO methodology in the industrial automation market. Now, Moxa is applying its innovative technical expertise to transform remote IO into something even better. The Smart IO concept has three major features: push, configurable, programmable. A Smart IO solution converges IT and IA technologies to create more possibilities for the automation world. With over 10 years of experience in industrial automation, Moxa’s solutions are now widely used in factory automation, security, telecom, ITS, oil & gas, and renewable energy. For more information, visit: