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Connecting to Advance Technological Transitions for Industries

Bringing Technologies and Teams Together to Innovate Industrial Communication Standards

We have been raising the connectivity standards for industries for 37 years and counting, propelling industrial connectivity from serial to Ethernet connections, and now, even incorporating edge-to-cloud connections. By driving an entire generation (3.0) of connectivity in industrial systems and working with industry leaders to speed up industrial information, we have established ourselves as a leading proponent in industrial automation.

By actively participating in global industry associations like 5G-ACIA, CLPA, IEC, IEEE, IIC, OPC Foundation, and others, we have formed partnerships with key players in the industry. Our joint efforts are defining standards for the next-generation networking and communication, driving industrial transformation and unlocking various industrial applications through innovative data connectivity technologies. These developments open up immense opportunities for future industrial operations.

Keeping pace with market needs and industrial advancements, we actively engage in industrial automation projects worldwide, working closely with global industry leaders to shape international standards. We prioritize the use of advanced technology interoperability test beds to guarantee stable and reliable solutions and to expedite cross-vendor interoperability of automation components.

Besides collaborating with major industry players to drive next-generation secure connectivity technologies and industry standards, we are also committed to bridging the gap between standard Ethernet and industrial applications. Our expertise in industrial networking and protocols is leading the way in global industrial transformation.

Powerful Connectivity Transforms Industries and the World

Disrupting Next-generation Industrial Ethernet

To tackle the challenges posed by IIoT and Industry 4.0 in industrial applications, major players in the global automation industry have collaborated to introduce time-sensitive network (TSN) technology. TSN solutions address the demands of future industrial operations. Our dedication to developing TSN standards has made us pioneers in this field, and we are committed to optimizing these technologies for future industrial automation systems, based on a truly unified infrastructure.

TSN introduces deterministic, time-critical, and reliable features on a standard Ethernet-based network infrastructure, allowing all types of traffic to coexist. This ensures real-time communication, low latency, and high reliability for diverse applications.

Enabling Next-generation TCMS for Rail

Shift2Rail, backed by Horizon 2020, is the pioneering European rail initiative focused on research and innovation (R&I) and market-driven solutions. It accelerates the integration of new and advanced technologies into innovative rail product solutions. Doubling capacity, improving reliability and service quality by 50%, and cutting costs in half are the key objectives of this initiative to enhance the competitiveness of the EU’s rail industry.

Moxa, the sole Asian participant, joined the project in 2018 to develop the EU’s Next Generation Train Communication Network (NG-TCN). By leveraging our knowledge and experience in fiber-optic Ethernet networks, we have partnered with leading global train builders to establish the protocols and standards for the EU’s future Train Control and Management System (TCMS). We aim to build safer, more reliable, and integrated networks for future smart rail systems. Our goal is to help the rail industry improve the quality of transit services and bring people closer together.

Defining Next-generation Industrial Secure Networks

To guarantee dependable connectivity in industrial settings, we have bolstered our network security offerings with the Industrial Cybersecurity Solution to mitigate cyberthreats to industrial networks. By combining our industrial networking and cybersecurity expertise, we provide layered protection for your industrial networks.

Our goal is to bridge the divide between the OT and IT worlds, enabling smooth connections for improved operational efficiency. We are developing a new generation of integrated network architecture that gives customers the ability to deploy and manage their networks according to their evolving needs in industrial applications. This will allow for quick responses to changes and meet the demands of network expansion and traffic growth.

Boldstering Edge-to-Cloud Connectivity

In response to rapid globalization and digital transformation, industrial operators have turned to IIoT applications to optimize operations and boost revenue. By providing fast, stable, secure, and uninterrupted data connectivity, we have become an indispensable partner to major cloud service providers and system integrators in meeting the communication needs of IIoT applications.

Leveraging our 35-plus years of experience in industrial data connectivity, we work closely with customers in the rail, energy, and oil and gas sectors to connect their OT data through innovative IIoT solutions. Our extensive experience in vertical markets allows us to understand customers’ potential future needs for data conversions and transmission from Modbus RTU to MQTT, Azure, and AWS, as smart edges continue to proliferate.

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