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Industry Associations

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Moxa is involved in industrial automation projects around the world, and is proud to be working with the following organizations:

Avnu Alliance

Avnu Alliance is a member-driven community that is transforming standard networks to enable support for the precise timing and low latency requirements of diverse applications with mixed levels of criticality in an open, interoperable manner. Avnu provides the tools and testing to enable a converged network foundation for use in professional AV, automotive, industrial control, and consumer segments.



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BACnet International is an industry association that facilitates the successful use of the BACnet protocol in building automation and control systems through interoperability testing, educational programs and promotional activities. The BACnet standard was developed by the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE)



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CC-Link Partner Association

The CC-Link Partner Association (CLPA) is an open network organization dedicated to the development and promotion of the CC-Link family including CC-Link, CC-Link IE, and CC-Link IE TSN. The CLPA is the driving force behind CC-Link IE TSN, the world’s first open industrial Gigabit Ethernet protocol featuring Time-sensitive Networking (TSN) technology to realize seamless communication between field and IT networks.


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CIGRE Working Group

CIGRE, the Council on Large Electric Systems, is an international non-profit association for promoting collaboration with experts from all around the world by sharing knowledge and joining forces to improve electric power systems of today and tomorrow. 



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Civil Infrastructure Platform

The Civil Infrastructure Platform is a collaborative, open source project hosted by the Linux Foundation. The CIP project is focused on establishing an open source “base layer” of industrial grade software to enable the use and implementation of software building blocks in civil infrastructure projects.


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CVE Program

The mission of the CVE® Program is to identify, define, and catalog publicly disclosed cybersecurity vulnerabilities. The program partners publish CVE Records to communicate consistent descriptions of vulnerabilities. Information technology and cybersecurity professionals use CVE Records to ensure they discuss the same issue and coordinate their efforts to prioritize and address the vulnerabilities.


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DNP Users Group

The DNP Users Group maintains and promotes the Distributed Network Protocol (DNP3), a non-proprietary, standards-based communication protocol widely used in the utility industry.




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EtherCAT Technology Group

The EtherCAT Technology Group is a forum where key user companies from various industries and leading automation suppliers support, promote, and advance the EtherCAT technology. EtherCAT is an open technology that overcomes the system limitations of other Ethernet solutions.


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Fieldbus Foundation™

The non-profit Fieldbus Foundation brings together end users, manufacturers, research organizations, and academics to create automation infrastructure that provides process integrity, business intelligence, and open scalable integration in a managed environment. 


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Industrial Internet Consortium™

The Industrial Internet Consortium™ (IIC) is an open membership, not-for-profit organization that systematically addresses the complexities of the Industrial Internet, leading to faster adoption, deployments, and transformational business outcomes across the globe.



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IEC TC57 WG10 Working Group

IEC Technical Committee 57 is one of the technical committees of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). TC 57 is responsible for development of standards for information exchange for power systems and other related systems including Energy Management Systems, SCADA, distribution automation and teleprotection.


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Intel® IoT Solutions Alliance

Intel® Internet of Things Solutions Alliance provides tools, embedded innovators, and Intel® Embedded Community to make embedded solutions smarter. As a global ecosystem covering more than 6,000 solutions and 500 IoT leaders, the Alliance offers its members unique access to Intel® technology, expertise, and go-to-market support—accelerating deployment of best-in-class solutions.


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Linux Foundation

The Linux Foundation is dedicated to building sustainable ecosystems around open source projects to accelerate technology development and industry adoption.



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Modbus-IDA is a membership-based trade association promoting the adoption of the Modbus communication protocol suite and address architectures for distributed automation systems.



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ODVA is an international association that supports network technologies based on the Common Industrial Protocol (CIP), such as DeviceNet, EtherNet/IP, and CompoNet. This association comprises members from the world's leading automation companies.


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OPC Foundation

The OPC Foundation manages a global organization in which users, vendors, and consortia collaborate to create data transfer standards for multi-vendor, multi-platform, secure, and reliable interoperability in industrial automation.


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The OpenChain Project by Linux Foundation builds trust in open source by making open source license compliance simpler and more consistent in the supply chain.



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Open Invention Network

Open Invention Network (OIN) is the largest patent non-aggression community in history and supports freedom of action in Linux as a key element of open source software (OSS). Patent non-aggression in core technologies is a cultural norm within OSS, so that the litmus test for authentic behavior in the OSS community includes OIN membership.


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