Connecting All of your Things to the Internet

Security Matters

Protecting your sensitive data

Security is essential once you decide to embrace the Industrial IoT. According to research carried out by Fortify (part of HP Enterprise Security Products), information leakage, insufficient authentication/authorization, and security attacks are the three major security concerns that you’ll face. Fortunately, Moxa’s NPort serial device servers address security in a simple and straightforward way:

80% of connected devices could be plagued by information leakage

To protect the data generated by serial devices connected to a network, an Accessible IP list can be defined by the NPort administrator to limit access to only trusted users who need to use the data.

70% of connected devices have insufficient authentication or authorization

Since NPort serial device servers are a critical component for connecting serial devices to an IP network, from a security point of view, unexpected configuration changes can give IT engineers a huge headache. So be sure to password protect your NPorts so that only administrators have the authority to change your NPorts’ configurations.

NPort also supports authentication services like RADIUS and TACACS+ server to determine whether access can be allowed to a given system.

70% of connected devices use unencrypted network services

Moxa’s NPort 6000 device servers use DES, 3DES, and AES data encryption technology to protect data that’s traveling around the network.

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