Connecting All of your Things to the Internet

Wireless is always an option

Installing Ethernet cable is not the only option for connecting to the Internet. Wireless is also an option. Setting up a wireless network on a plant floor allows you to connect to hard-to-reach areas, and lets you connect to devices attached to moving objects. However, since many engineers might be discouraged from using wireless, let’s see how Moxa’s NPort makes wireless a viable alternative:

What if your wireless client is on a moving object?

The NPort W2150A’s fast roaming capability keeps AP handovers under 500 ms. With that kind of speed, you won’t even notice that your connection has switched from one AP to another.

What if the environment has too much noise?

Moxa’s wireless NPort is compliant with IEEE 802.11 a/b/g, which means it not only supports 2.4 GHz, in addition it supports the 5 GHz band, which can pick up the slack when the environment is too noisy.

What if you’re using both serial and Ethernet devices on your plant floor?

In addition to serial ports, Moxa’s wireless NPort products also come with an extra Ethernet port, allowing you to connect devices like Ethernet barcode scanners, without needing to invest in an extra Ethernet switch.

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