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Flexible and Complete Communications
Integrated and Complete Communication Technologies
Moxa’s rich selection of communication modules support a wide range of wired and wireless communication protocols, including MV/LV BPL, ZigBee, 3G, WiFi, Ethernet, fiber, serial, Mesh-RF, and WAN, and support ANSI/NMEA C12.18 and IEC 62056 (DLMS/COSEM) 2-way communication protocols for meters.
DLMS UA Membership
  • Access to the specifications in the “DLMS UA coloured books”
  • Access to conformance test tools and certification (regulars)
  • Participation in management and technical work
  • Technical support
Mesh Solution
A wired and/or wireless mesh solution is suitable for electric, water, and gas meters connected to the same mesh network. The RF solution is 100% self-forming, self-managing, and self-healing, and lower implementation and maintenance costs result in a lower total cost of ownership. Our communication models support:
Wireless (RF) ZigBee
Wired NPLC
(coming soon)