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Centralized and Visualized Device Management
Centralized and Visualized Device Management
  • Online/offline cloud gateway and equipment monitoring
  • Group management of cloud gateway and equipment
  • Geographic information system integration
  • Remote network configuration
  • Web-based management console
Moxa’s AMI End-To-End Infrastructure
From a remote site secure gateway collecting metering data, to the central server collecting raw data from the field, Moxa provides a wide range of AMI products to fulfill your infrastructure needs. Moxa also provides software for cloud-based device management for applications that deploy large numbers of devices. The different form factors of data concentrator units and cellular gateways support a wide range of wired and wireless LAN communications, including BPL, NPLC, Mesh-RF, and serial. In addition, the central server supports 3G/LTE, Ethernet, and fiber for WAN communications. In order to ensure compatibility with different meters, Moxa’s AMI platforms feature ANSI/NMEA C12.18 and IEC 62056 (DLMS/COSEM) 2-way communication protocols for meters.