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1987 to 1992: Recognizing Opportunity

Moxa was founded in 1987, originally as a consulting business assisting industrial clients with serial communication applications. After many clients expressed interest in finding a cost-effective serial card, Moxa introduced the C108 in 1988, an 8-port intelligent serial card. With the success of the C108, Moxa turned its full attention to the device networking business and began producing other, highly-acclaimed serial cards. In fact, one of Moxa's earliest models, the C218, is still available to this day.

Important Milestones
1987 Company founded
1988 C108 8-port serial board released
1990 Fax/modem cards released
1991 Rackmount modem pool released
1992 Statistical multiplexer (MUX) released
  HDLC/BSC sync front-end board released

1992 to 1998: International Growth

By 1992, Moxa had begun to explore opportunities in other countries and started building brand awareness at global marketing events such as CeBit. In 1995, Moxa set up a global distribution channel and opened its first branch office in China. Meanwhile, Moxa's serial board technology continued to keep pace with global market trends such as the widespread adoption of Windows 95.

Important Milestones
1993 - Async server released
1994 - X.25 board for WANs released
1995 - Branch office opened in China
- Byte magazine nominates Async server as "Best Connectivity Product"
1996 - Advanced ASIC chip developed for serial boards
1998 - PComm serial communication software released
- Internet sharing device released
- Windows 95/NT certification obtained for serial board driver

1998 to 2002: Developments in Ethernet

As Ethernet began to change the nature of computing and networking, Moxa studied the possible industrial applications very closely. In 1998, Moxa introduced the Async device server, which made new applications possible by providing reliable, network-based control of remote serial devices.To handle the growing North American market, Moxa opened a branch office in California. Moxa's line of device servers continues to enjoy tremendous success, and the award-winning NPort series is the direct descendant of the original Async server.

Important Milestones
1999 - PCI serial board with small form factor released
- First NPort serial device server released
2000 - CN2500 async server released
- Device server with on-panel LCD
- Serial board drivers developed for Linux
- Windows 2000 certification obtained
2001 - Serial board drivers developed for Windows XP
- Single-port device server released
- Leased-line T1/E1 thin router released
- Network power switch server released
- Industrial Ethernet switch released
- Branch office opened in California
2002 - NPort 4511 programmable communication gateway released
- Managed Ethernet switch released
- Serial-to-fiber converter released
- Universal PCI serial boards released

2002 to Present: World-Class Vision

Since 2002, Moxa has continued to grow at a rate of about 30% each year. A branch office has been opened in Europe, and Moxa's product offerings have expanded to include managed industrial Ethernet switches, embedded computers, and industrial wireless solutions.

In 20 years, Moxa has gone from a small engineering integration company to a multi-million dollar corporation serving over 60 countries. Offering over 200
different products that are dedicated to connecting industrial devices over different types of media, Moxa has become one of the top brand names in the industrial communications field.

Important Milestones
2003 - Moxa Foundation established
- Moxa Technical Support Certification (MTSC) established
- Turbo Ring redundant network topology developed
- PC/104 serial boards released
2004 - Video servers released
- Embedded computer line introduced
- Dual-Ethernet terminal servers released
2005 - Control Engineering Editor's Choice award for EDS-508 Ethernet switch
- iF Product Design award for EDS-726 Ethernet switch
- Ethernet I/O server released
- AWK wireless access point released
2006 - European branch office opened in Unterschleissheim, Germany
- Control Engineering Engineer's Choice award for Active Ethernet I/O server
- Industrial Engineering News award for NPort W2004 wireless device server
- USB-to-serial line introduced
2007 - OnCell Industrial cellular modem released
- ioMirror Peer-to-peer I/O server released
- Control Engineering award for W315 wireless embedded computer
- MGate Modbus gateways released
2008 - PowerTrans IEC 61850-3 Ethernet switch introduced for substation automation
- Good Design Awards and Red Dot product design award for EDS-728 modular Ethernet switch, NPort 6450 terminal server and Modbus Gateway MB3270i
- Red Dot product design award for EDS-728
- Ranked among top 20 best companies to work for in Taiwan
- European French branch office opened in Paris, France