Ann Li, Order Processing

Moxa China Co., Ltd.

What makes Moxa different from other companies?
One critical difference is the competitiveness of our products. Moxa develops very strong products for some of China's key vertical markets. Another difference is our cooperative atmosphere, which really makes Moxa unique. People who work here develop strong bonds with each other, and it becomes like a family.

What kind of person will succeed at Moxa?
You will succeed at Moxa as long as you maintain a spirit of learning and innovation. The company is growing fast, and our China office goes through new changes every year. The key to success is to stay flexible, continue to gain new skills, and always be absorbing new knowledge.

What do you like most about working at Moxa?
I really enjoy interacting with my coworkers. It's very different from the other companies in Beijing. When I first interviewed here, I noticed right away that coworkers were greeting each other by name rather than by title, even when speaking to the general manager. In the other Beijing companies, managers are not so approachable and usually maintain a very clear distance from employees. I've changed positions and office locations as we've expanded over the years, and it's still the same. The friendly atmosphere is part of the work culture.

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