Jasmine Chen, Component Engineer

Moxa Inc.

Why did you choose to work at Moxa?

I choose to work at Moxa because as a professional, this is a place where I can see my future, establish my career, and make the most of my expertise. I was impressed by the great benefits and the training and development system.

What kind of person will succeed at Moxa?

To be successful at Moxa, you must have strong planning and execution skills. Good people skills and communication skills are also important. The Moxa culture recognizes that in the business world, there is no such thing as a perfect person. There are only people who work hard for their goals. There is no short cut. We expect to encounter difficulties and frustration, and we expect to overcome them. With a positive attitude, proactive behavior, and a passion to confront challenges and continue learning, you will go far at Moxa and in life.

What makes Moxa different from other companies?

I think Moxa has achieved great success due to its clear goals, good planning, strong execution, continuous review and feedback, and fast response for improvements.

What stands out for me is that Moxa truly values its people as the most important assets of the company. I can see that all company strategies, plans, and programs are designed according to this idea. Moxa also treats employee family members as an integral part of the company.

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