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Moxa Foundation

The Moxa Foundation is a nonprofit organization that aims to provide a sustainable platform for Moxa employees to contribute to their community, with an emphasis on ecology, education, and health.

Raising Environmental Awareness

In elementary schools around northern Taiwan, the Moxa Foundation has constructed large butterfly cages to help Taiwan's youth appreciate the wonder of their native country's natural resources. It is often forgotten that Taiwan was once known as the Butterfly Kingdom. Thanks to the Moxa Foundation, students and teachers can observe firsthand the development of caterpillars to cocoons to butterflies.

Promoting Education

Through its book donation program, the Moxa Foundation has distributed over 2000 books to various schools. During the school year, volunteers for the Moxa Foundation also make weekly visits to a disadvantaged elementary school to read books to children. One school is selected each year, and the program runs for the entire school year. In this way, Moxa employees can connect with the younger generation and perhaps make a difference in their lives.

Improving Health and Fitness

The Moxa Foundation encourages people to balance their work lives by maintaining good health. One of the most popular community programs has been the annual Moxa Run, which has made good fitness into a fun, social event. Similar success has been seen with the recently introduced Moxa Cycle. The Moxa Foundation will continue to find other ways to encourage good health, through programs such as a hiking society and a regular health education seminar.

Technological Advancement

Professionals and students that have a passion for software development often attend private technical teaching institutes to improve their high-level software skills. Each year, the Moxa Foundation sponsors these individuals in their learning efforts, regardless of which industry or company they work for. The goal is to elevate overall technical competence in society, for the benefit of all. It is also the Moxa Foundation's hope that other enterprises will follow this example and offer similar sponsorships.

Encouraging Employee Participation

Moxa strives for a work culture where employees look at the big picture and see themselves as contributing to the world, rather than simply fulfilling material needs. Many Moxa Foundation programs are announced and promoted through the Moxa corporation, and employees are encouraged to volunteer through the Employee Volunteer Organization. Transportation is provided to and from events, and service activities are given special time-off treatment. In monthly corporate meetings, Moxa Foundation programs are a regularly featured topic, and special recognition is given to active volunteers.