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Company Profile

Moxa's brand promise is reliable networks and sincere service

Brand Promise

At Moxa, we strive to be the first choice for customers requiring reliable industrial networking solutions. We offer superior value by incorporating leading innovative technologies and providing flexible service and expert consulting for mission critical applications.

Industry Leader in Converged Automation Networks
Networking and communication within an industrial automation environment has become increasingly sophisticated and complex. The industry is realizing that greater cross-system collaboration and integration can be achieved when networks are converged around a single system architecture based on open standards and technologies. With the technical capability and value to differentiate us from our competitors, Moxa is uniquely positioned to deliver on this transformation towards converged automation networks.

Reliable Networks, Sincere Service
As a networking solution provider with over 25 years of experience in industrial automation, Moxa offers a winning combination of technology and market domain knowledge to help customers achieve a converged automation world. Our brand promise is simple: Reliable Networks, Sincere Service.

Reliable Networks, Sincere Service is not just what Moxa delivers to customers, it is also deeply embedded in our corporate DNA. More specifically, Reliable Networks is Moxa’s goal when developing networking solutions, and Sincere Service is our philosophy when serving customers.

Reliable Networks:
Moxa leads the way in converged automation networks by offering a full spectrum of reliable and integrated industrial networking solutions. Our commitment to “Reliable Networks” means that we will deliver the networking and communication technology that enables convergence and achieve operational efficiency for automation.

Reliable Networks that
  industry can count on

Sincere Service that
  exceeds customer

Sincere Service:

Moxa’s professional service network includes engineers both at our headquarters and regional offices and at local service centers operated by Moxa partners around the world. Our commitment to “Sincere Service” means that the needs of customers and customer satisfaction are driving considerations in everything we do as a company. We instill in all employees a sense of pride and ownership in their own actions to create the best possible customer experience.

Currently, our distribution and service network reaches customers in more than 70 countries and has
connected over 30 million devices worldwide. Moxa empowers industry by providing reliable networks and
sincere service for automation systems.