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Company Profile

Moxa's core values

Our Core Values

For Moxa, industry leadership means more than just profitability and market share. We believe that a world-class company should also adhere to high standards of conduct. For this reason, Moxa has established a clear code of conduct to guide our decision-making and actions. The four cornerstones of this code are our core values, which lead us to achieve our goals and earn the esteem of our partners, customers, and employees.

We pledge to operate our business with the highest professional integrity, and serve as a model corporation for our community.
• We treat our customers, colleagues, shareholders, and suppliers with sincerity, trust,
  fairness, and impartiality.
• We insist on frank and open-minded discussion, with decisions made objectively
  and based on facts and sound reasoning.
• We do not tolerate illegal behavior, and never accept kickbacks or bribes.

Mutual Respect
We believe that people are the key to Moxa’s success.
• We believe that each one of us should be willing to do the utmost in our professional   field, and display the highest enthusiasm for our profession.
• We recognize each other’s strengths and contributions, but at the same time, respect   and appreciate individual differences.
• We tolerate the missteps that come from implementing new ideas, and endeavor to   learn from our mistakes.
• We listen carefully to each other’s ideas, and respond appropriately. We encourage   frequent, rational, open and honest communication.
• Teamwork should transcend organizational and geographic boundaries.

Customer Focus
We are committed to meeting customers’ needs and exceeding customers’ expectations.
• We provide products and services of the highest quality to our customers, thereby   gaining their respect and trust.
• We think from the customer’s point of view in order to arrive at mutually beneficial   outcomes.
• We make promises cautiously, and do our utmost to meet our commitments.
• We encourage the creation of value, to exceed customer expectations.
We persist in finding the truth, getting things done, and delivering on our commitments.
• Ideas, strategies, objectives and plans must be carefully   scheduled and carried out in a quantifiable  manner. Actions  must be well implemented. Targets  must be met.
• We continue to enhance our decision-making efficiency and  speed of execution to achieve the  best possible performance.
• We confront and overcome difficulties and take full  responsibility for our jobs and assignments.