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A Message from Ch Wen

It has been an honor and a privilege for me to work for a company that places its priorities where I feel they truly belong with their people. My personal mission has been to help establish and preserve the unique culture here at Moxa. Life@Moxa encapsulates our vision of the balanced life that we try to promote for our employees.

Since Moxa has been a privately held company for the past twenty years, one might ask what the secret has been to our success. Moxa has always held that it is our people that are responsible for our success. It has therefore been our business strategy to make our people our top priority. Our goal is not simply to operate a business. What really drives Moxa is the desire to look after and enrich the lives of the people in our community.

Our work culture really encourages people to take initiative in both work projects and recreational programs. As you know, the purpose of a job these days is no longer to simply make a living. Your job is ideally something that can give your life meaning. At Moxa, we place a high value on personal growth, and you will find yourself attending many different business workshops, seminars, and forums. You are expected to set your own performance and development goals, and we provide support for you in your personal quest. Employees are also encouraged to initiate, design, manage or participate in recreational or fitness programs. And Moxa works hard to ensure that you have the support of your colleagues and from the company.

In other words, we put our passion into practice, individually and as a company. What is it that we put our passion into? The answer is in everything we do, whether it is hosting a business workshop, rehearsing a play for the company year-end banquet, warming up for a company-sponsored marathon, or volunteering for a Moxa Foundation program. People at Moxa are passionate about doing the right thing and helping others, and we demand full, honest communication, mutual respect and solid execution in everything we do. It is how we grow, how we maintain an open and trusting environment, and how we develop relationships that go beyond being simply coworkers.

The initiative and involvement shown by our employees has helped create a business-focused culture that is also caring and passionate. Please browse these Life@Moxa pages for more detail on what we provide as a company, the kind of employee we look for, and what our employees have to say about working here. For those of you that understand and embrace what we as a company are trying to accomplish, I sincerely hope you consider joining our family.



Vice President of Human Resources

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