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High Performance Computer for a High Performance Computer for a Maritime Deep Well Pump System

Location / Country : Denmark

Product Solutions:
EDS-408A-3S-SC-48 Series

8-port entry-level managed Ethernet switches

ioLogik E1211

Ethernet remote I/O with 2-port Ethernet switch, 16 DOs

MD-124 Series

24-inch marine display with wide viewable image size

MGate 5101-PBM-MN Series

1-port PROFIBUS-to-Modbus TCP gateways

Project Introduction


Manufacturers are taking pump advances in an entirely new direction by consolidating the design and building of the entire pump system. Computers in these integrated systems must serve in three key roles. First, there is the touch screen HMI and SCADA server, where advanced software systems have been developed through an in-house partnership with a control systems company to give pump operators intuitive and feature-filled control and monitoring. The second computer serves the system’s database, doing real-time collation, storage, and analysis of all sensor information, and triggering real-time alarms when critical, system-wide benchmarks or thresholds are passed. Lastly, the third computer sits directly on each pump, where it manages, receives, stores, and transmits all local mechanical and sensor activity, serving this data to both the database and the centralized HMI.

System Requirements


• HMI master processor / SCADA server
• Master database server
• Local pump controller
• Sensor processing and management hub
• Multiple I/O and NMEA interfaces for direct links to ship-board I/O and sensor stations

Moxa Solution


Marine Automation Pump System Computer SolutionsThe automation pump systems will also be capable of direct communications with remote station of any sort whether on board the ship, In distant central offices, or even with mobile stations only a kilometer or two away. As with so many other recent advances in maritime technology, the situational awareness and scope of access are unprecedented.

One of the world’s leading deep well pump suppliers for maritime shipping has chosen to build their most recent, cutting-edge system using Moxa’s MC-5150 and V2400 series computers. Moxa computers were chosen for their durability and high performance: processing is key to this technologically advanced pump system, and this role is filled by rugged, powerful, fanless Moxa computers that feature an MTBF of over 7 years.




Why Moxa


Moxa’s marine and embedded computers were selected for this project for three fundamental reasons: high computing power, reliable operations in marine environments, and the promise of rugged, long-term, failure-free operations in highly demanding maritime industrial environments.
MC-5150-DC/CP Series Marine Computer

• Compliant with DNV 2.4, IEC 60945 4th, and IACS E10 marine type approvals
• High computing power with 1st generation Intel Core i5 CPU
• Fanless design in a compact size
• Reliable quality with an MTBF of over 7 years
• 3 year warranty


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