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Securing Gas Transfer Stations Against Cyber Attacks

Location / Country : USA

Product Solutions:
EDR-G903 Series

Industrial secure routers with firewall/NAT/VPN

EDS-505A/EDS-508A Series

5 and 8-port managed Ethernet switches

Project Introduction

Large gas pipelines are highly volatile and span thousands of kilometers, necessitating the installation of secure remote systems that protect them from cyber attacks. In this project, the gas transfer stations along the pipeline are equipped with gas analyzers and PLCs, and communicate site data to a remote SCADA. To ensure local security and remote data authenticity, Moxa’s EDR-G903, a Gigabit performance industrial secure router, was used to link transfer stations to the central SCADA via VPN secure tunnels. As a Firewall/NAT/VPN all-in-one router, the EDR-G903 not only shields devices on the internal LAN from unauthorized access, but also maintains strongly secure communications across public networks.

System Requirements

        Centralization of remote monitoring, control, and management of gas transfer stations

        Secure remote monitoring with strong authentication, encryption, and integrity protections

        Strong firewall protections for secure access controls on the internal network

        A rugged, industrial design capable of functioning normally in harsh environmental conditions


Moxa Solution

Securing Gas Transfer Stations Against Cyber Attacks

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Why Moxa

        Gigabit, high performance with ample bandwidth over copper and fiber combo ports

        Dual WAN port redundancy for increased reliability over public networks

        All-in-one Firewall/NAT/VPN router with simple and intuitive configuration

        Industrial-grade design with operating temperatures from -40 to 75°C


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  • EDR-G903 Industrial Firewall/NAT/VPN Secure Router