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Trusted Industrial-Grade IP CCTV System for Hazardous Oil and Gas Environments
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Oil and gas will continue to have a major impact on the global economy for many years to come. New oil platforms, rigs, and pipelines are constantly being constructed to meet the demand for oil, with a corresponding growth in the number of factories and control centers used to process and manage crude oil. To maximize safety and increase reliability, Moxa’s IP surveillance systems have an intrusion detection alarm system (IDAS) and are easily integrated with SCADA systems for process CCTV monitoring.

System Requirements

• Field site devices need to be highly reliable for use in hazardous environments, including extreme temperatures, water and dust, and explosion prone environments.
• IP CCTV system to monitor unmanned field-site equipment and to minimize maintenance and reduce costs.
•Automatic video alarms to greatly improve surveillance efficiency.
• Complete IP CCTV system for integrating communications with other systems, including SCADA and access control.
• Versatile camera solution that supports pan/tilt/ zoom, and has a long distance lens and IP68 housing for different surveillance environments and purposes.

Moxa Solution

Higher Reliability: Moxa’s rugged hardware ensures system reliability 24/7, even in -40 to 75°C oil & gas environments, without the need for a heater or fan. This no-heater, no-fan design reduces maintenance costs, has a longer MTBF, and comes with a 3 or 5-year warranty.

Lower Costs: Compared to traditional analog cameras, Moxa’s IP CCTV systems are easy to install and use. Remote monitoring allows operators to easily maintain field sites, detect system problems, and reduce manpower costs.

Real-Time Alerts: Moxa’s VPort 36-1MP-IVA comes with an Intelligent Video Analysis (IVA) function that automatically detects objects. Operators receive real-time notifications when objects appear unexpectedly, thereby minimizing the danger from potential threats.

Easy Integration: Moxa’s IP CCTV systems can seamlessly integrate and communicate with SCADA and access control systems. With Onvif Profile S, Moxa’s cameras and NVRs can integrate with any third-party CCTV device and VMS system, giving operators greater scalability and flexibility.

Total Solution: Moxa’s diverse selection of cameras and housings give operators what they need for different applications and environments. As a total solution provider, Moxa can deliver a complete selection of IP cameras, NVRs and VMSs, wired or wireless networking products, serial-over-IP servers, industrial computers, and digital I/O solutions.


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