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Implementing Robust Gas Transit Pipeline Surveillance on the Frozen Russian Tundra

Location / Country : Russia

Product Solutions:
VPort 26A-1MP Series

HD, IP66, vandal-proof, day and night, fixed dome IP cameras

VPort 36-1MP Series

HD, rugged, day-and-night box type IP cameras

Project Introduction

Russia is one of the largest oil producers and exporters in the world, and in recent years it has started expanding and improving its oil and gas pipeline. Major concerns include security issues and total management cost. However, the hostile climate and remote location in the largest country on earth makes the task of setting up a gas transit pipeline surveillance system much more challenging. The customer emphasized that system reliability and functionality were both absolutely essential for maintaining a system spread over such a wide area

System Requirements

• IP cameras that work reliably in extreme freezing conditions to ensure around the clock, real-time IP video monitoring
• High MTBF to reduce downtime and maintenance costs
• Easy operation and management with event-triggered display, pre-event and live recording, and playback

Moxa Solution

• Moxa’s extreme weather HD IP cameras provide reliable, non-stop HD video streaming that enhances uptime continuity and productivity for maintenance applications in harsh, outdoor environments, but with less cost and effort
• Built-in digital noise reduction (DNR) and wide dynamic range (WDR) ensure clear pictures in poor lighting conditions, and day-and-night viewing
• The C1D2-certified VPort 36-1MP ensures safe operation in hazardous environments
• The fanless and heater-less design of Moxa’s IP cameras eliminates interruptions due to fan or heater failures
• OPC communication enables SCADA interconnection for event-triggered IP video functionality