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Gas Transit Pipeline Surveillance in Freezing Weather
Product Solutions:

64-channel IP video surveillance software designed for industrial automation systems

VPort 36-1MP Series

HD, rugged, day-and-night box type IP cameras


The harsh winter conditions in Russia pose a huge challenge for traditional CCTV systems required to operate in a -30 to 60°C temperature range. Moxa’s IP surveillance solutions provide excellent reliability and functionality for this important project, which requires monitoring a critical gas transit pipeline system and manned operation stations in rural Russia.

System Requirements

This oil & gas customer adopted Moxa’s extreme weather HD IP cameras, which deliver HD video performance and wide temperature tolerance between -40 and 75°C, without a fan or heater. The VPort 26A-1MP dome-type vandal proof IP camera was selected for workstation monitoring, and the box-type VPort 36-1MP camera with IP68 housing was chosen for outdoor gas pipeline surveillance. The OPC-enabled SoftNVR-IA industrial video management system was chosen for centralized video monitoring. The reliable, non-stop operation provided by this combination of Moxa products not only ensures surveillance security, but also reduces maintenance effort along the company’s vast pipeline distribution network.

• IP cameras must work reliably in extreme freezing conditions to ensure real-time IP video monitoring around the clock
• High MTBF to reduce downtime and maintenance cost
• Easy operation and management with event-triggered display, pre-event and live recording, and playback.

Moxa's extreme HD IP cameras implement freezing gas transmit pipeline surveillance

Moxa Solution

VPort 36-1MP-T: Rugged HD box-type H.264 IP camera

• Industrial-grade design with -40 to 75°C operating temperature, without heater or fan
• HD resolution (1280 x 720)
• DNR/BLC/WDR technologies for superior image quality
• Level 3 EMI/surge protection • IP68 housing for rain/dust protection
• EN 50121-4 and NEMA TS2 compliant
• Supports DynaStream™ for optimized network efficiency
• 5-year warranty and long MTBF


VPort 26A-1MP-T: IP66, fixed-dome HD H.264 IP camera

• Industrial-grade design with -40 to 75°C operating temperature, without heater or fan
• 1/2.7” progressive scan CMOS camera with maximum 1280 x 800 resolution
• High quality video image with WDR and DNR
• Up to 3 video streams with H.264 and MJPEG
• 3 to 9 mm day-and-night vari-focal lens with a built-in ICR (removeable IR-cut filter ICR)
• DynaStream™ supported for optimized network efficiency
• CBR Pro™ provides high image quality for limited bandwidth transmissions


SoftNVR-IA: 64-channel IP video surveillance software designed for industrial automation systems

• Built-in OPC server for easy communication with automation systems
• Live view with H.264, MPEG4, and MJPEG, from VPort products
• Dual monitor display capability
• Video recording, either manually, event-triggered, or scheduled
• Playback system with event and time-based search functionality
• Supports remote live view and remote playback via web access

Why Moxa

• Moxa’s IP cameras provide reliable, non-stop HD video streaming that enhances uptime continuity and productivity for maintenance applications in harsh, outdoor environments, but with less cost and effort
• Built-in digital noise reduction (DNR) and wide dynamic range (WDR) ensure clear pictures in poor lighting conditions
• The C1D2-certified VPort 36-1MP ensures safe operation in hazardous environments • The fanless and heater-less design of Moxa’s IP cameras eliminates interruptions due to fan or heater failures
• OPC communication enables SCADA interconnection for event triggered IP video functionality