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Enhancing Intruder Detection with CCTV Security in a Saudi Arabian Refinery

Location / Country : Saudi Arabia

Product Solutions:
EDS-510A Series

7+3G-port Gigabit managed Ethernet switches

Project Introduction

Established in 1979 to serve the Saudi domestic market, this refinery is located close to the Red Sea and is one of four refineries owned by Aramco in Saudi Arabia. Recently, the company initiated a plan to upgrade the security system at the site. The security system includes both an IDAS (Intruder Detection Alarm System) and IP CCTV system.

System Requirements

• Field site devices must be able to operate without a fan in a high temperature, dust-filled, outdoor environment.
• Since the site extends over a wide area, products must have a long MTBF and rugged design to reduce the amount of maintenance effort required.
• A third party VMS is required since the new installation must be compatible with the existing CCTV system.

Moxa Solution

• Using Moxa’s rugged video encoders in field site cabinets reduces installation and operational costs since air conditioning is not required.
• Devices that operate without a fan or heater have a lower failure rate, resulting in reduced labor costs and less maintenance.
• Moxa’s video encoders support ONVIF, allowing users to choose which VMS (Video Management Software) they would like to use.
• An IP-based CCTV system provides the flexibility needed to guarantee total cost management for labor and installation costs for future expansions.