Secure Remote Connections

As the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) trend continues to gather pace, more and more system operators want to control their industrial applications, such as automation, transportation, and energy over secure remote connections. The ability to be able to remotely monitor, maintain, and diagnose issues can push the boundaries of industrial manufacturing and significantly reduce operational costs. However, cybersecurity is a real concern for system operators when transmissions are conducted over open networks or the Internet. To ensure transmissions remain secure, a virtual private network (VPN) is often used to set up encrypted communication tunnels that provide secure remote access to applications. However, the requirements for secure remote access may vary depending on the application or industry. To build secure remote connections, network devices must comply with certain industry certifications. As a trusted partner in the automation industry, Moxa provides product solutions that meet industry requirements and simplify remote connections for Operation Technology (OT) engineers.

Requirements for Secure Remote Access

  • Secure Communications

    When accessing data remotely, transmissions must be encrypted.

  • Connection Flexibility

    The requirements of a VPN vary depending on the application.

  • Reliability and Resilience

    It is essential to ensure security without compromising reliability.

VPN Solutions