Achieving Network Security for Industrial Automation

In order to optimize operational efficiency for modern industrial automation systems, network convergence between OT and IT is imperative. While streamlining your OT/IT networks unlocks the potential of your industrial systems, it also raises network security concerns. It is a particular concern for those OT systems that used to be air gapped but must still protect network communications without interrupting operations. As a leader in industrial networking for over 30 years, Moxa is committed to developing secure and reliable networking solutions that proactively identify and mitigate cyberthreats in OT environments. To realize this commitment, Moxa strictly follows secure-by-design practices, utilizes distributed OT intrusion prevention systems capabilities, and provides a wide array of rugged networking portfolios to perfect defending industrial applications in depth.

Visualize Your Device and Network Security Status

Visibility empowers you to secure your industrial control systems. Moxa’s complete product portfolio, including network management software, allows you to centrally manage your networking devices with real-time visibility. The portfolio secures remote assets, which simplifies remote maintenance via cloud services, and the security dashboard allows you to monitor and manage security events from our industrial cybersecurity solutions.

Real-time Network Visibility

Real-time Network Visibility

Improve Network Visualization

  • By collecting reports from devices, MXview helps administrators visualize network topology and detect its changes quickly.
  • By collecting reports from devices, MXview helps administrators monitor traffic loading on each node and route and understand the health status of the network.

Centralize Device Management

  • MXview offers centralized management that helps administrators consistently maintain a product's functional and physical attributes throughout its operational life.
  • MXview offers centralized management that helps administrators audit all devices and ensures all devices comply with company policies.
Real-time Network Visibility

With MXview network management software, you can easily visualize the status of your industrial networks. With Moxa's Security View function, you can check whether Moxa's networking devices are configured to meet the security levels suggested by your security policies. Watch the video to learn more.

Secure Remote Access

Secure Remote Access

  • Enable a management platform to control all remote connections.
  • Encrypt end-to-end communication to prevent data leaks.
  • Ensure all remote connections are pre-configured with correct access control.
Real-time Network Visibility

With Moxa Remote Connect Suite, which is a management suite for remote connections, you can easily build remote connections for your devices by using our MRC Quick Link service or you can also build your own private MRC server portal.

Real-time Network Visibility

Centralized Security Management

Security Dashboard Console

  • The Security Dashboard Console collects reports and devices that helps administrators find and analyze security incidents, and logs them for future auditing and improvements.
  • The Security Dashboard Console works with Moxa's devices to identify cyberthreats to alleviate risks and mitigate damage.

MXsecurity Industrial Network Security Management Software

  • Centralized management and monitoring of the EDR-G9010 Series for better administration and maintenance.
  • Unified mass deployment of firewall policies, firmware upgrades, and signature updates.
  • Complete visibility of real-time network activity and instant threat alerts.
  • Automatically collects security logs and sends notifications.
Real-time Network Visibility

The Security Dashboard Console allows you to easily manage our IEC-G102-BP Series and IEF-G9010 Series industrial cybersecurity solutions on networks to mitigate cyberthreats. Watch the video to learn more.

With the EDR-G9010 Series secure router and MXsecurity industrial network security platform, you can easily monitor and identify cyberthreats and prevent security misconfigurations to create a robust network defense. The industrial network security management suite translates complex network activity and threat intelligence into real-time visibility of cybersecurity statuses and actionable management for better detection and reaction against cyberthreats. Visit our microsite to learn more.

Protect Your Industrial Networks and Critical Assets

You need a secure network infrastructure to ensure continuous industrial operations. Moxa's product portfolio not only provides powerful secure routers to build solid network segmentation, but also offers industrial cybersecurity solutions to strengthen protection for your industrial networks and critical assets.

Real-time Network Visibility

Network Segmentation

Establish Zones and Conduits

  • VLAN: Moxa’s devices help administrators restrict users access to only data and parts of the network necessary for them to perform their responsibilities.
  • Firewalls: Moxa’s devices help administrators establish conduits in the network to only allow permitted traffic and packets to transfer from one zone to another.
  • NAT: Moxa’s devices help administrators establish a private local zone to hide internal network information from external probing.

Network Security Control

  • VLAN ID or MAC Addresses: Moxa’s devices only allow users to access data and networks based on their roles.
  • IP Addresses and Ports: Moxa’s devices only allow permitted traffic on the network.
  • Deep Packet Inspection: Moxa’s devices check the content of each packet payload to ensure only approved content is transmitted on the networks.
Real-time Network Visibility

Our EDR-G9010 Series industrial secure routers allow you to flexibly design defense-in-depth security architecture by leveraging its all-in-one firewall/NAT/VPN/switch functions. It features OT deep packet inspection technology to provide advanced network protection. Furthermore, with the addition of IDS/IPS, the EDR-G9010 Series is an industrial next-generation firewall, equipped with threat detection and prevention capabilities to further protect critical infrastructure from cybersecurity attacks.

With the security-hardened Ethernet switches, you can segregate traffic between different network segments using a VLAN and utilize Access Control Lists (ACL) at the port level, helping you improve VLAN security when data enters your networks through Ethernet switches.

Secure Remote Access

Defense Against Threats

  • Moxa’s devices prevent exploitation of known vulnerabilities on Windows systems and help protect legacy Windows devices that are unable to install a patch due to lack of support.
  • Moxa’s devices can identify cyberattacks and contain them within certain zones.
  • Moxa’s devices can identify cyberthreats and notify administrators by utilizing IPS pattern matching.
Real-time Network Visibility

The IEC-G102-BP Series and IEF-G9010 Series industrial cybersecurity solutions protect your critical assets from cyberattacks by defending your networks at the zone and cell level. Watch the video to learn more.

Security-hardened Networking and Connectivity Solutions

The secure DNA of our products empowers you to run existing industrial systems easily. Moxa is an IEC 62443-4-1 certified industrial connectivity and networking solutions provider. When we develop our products, we reference the security features of the IEC 62443-4-2 standard to ensure secure product development, which allows you to ramp up device security in your industrial applications.