Build Layered Security
to Defend Your Industrial Networks

Digitalization has allowed the industrial control system (ICS) landscape to develop quickly in recent years. Originally, ICS networks were physically isolated and almost immune to cyberattacks. However, recently, there has been a rise in the sophistication of cyberattacks, which has prompted IT and OT personnel to reconsider how to orchestrate network structure and security operations to fulfill industrial automation requirements while enhancing network security. Moxa recommends building multiple layers of security to defend your industrial networks by evaluating the security requirements from the perspectives of managing the network, the backbone of the network, and edge connectivity. Read on to learn more.

Enhance Visibility and Network Management

If you cannot visualize your network, it can be extremely difficult to protect it from cyberthreats. Learn how you can prevent and respond to cyberattacks more effectively by visualizing your industrial networks.


Build Security Boundaries With an Orchestrated Network Topology Design

When designing a secure and healthy network topology, consideration should be given to not only operational requirements, but also the security design to prevent misconfigurations or cyberattacks from disrupting the whole network.


Secure Your Edge Connectivity in Every Aspect

Moxa’s edge connectivity solutions not only provide you with hardened devices that include embedded security functions, but also offer an easy-to-use yet secure network management tool, simplifying your security deployment.