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Ethernet Extenders - A Fiber Alternative Made Easy
Extending Ethernet transmission across long distances typically involves fiber cables. However, deploying fiber to connect remote applications with relatively low bandwidth requirements can be difficult to justify in a cost-benefit analysis, especially when deployment requires digging for underground installation. This month’s featured topic will discuss the benefits of using Moxa’s DSL Ethernet extenders to reduce deployment time, simplify maintenance, and enhance manageability.
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Advancing ECDIS Technology with Innovation and Know-How
As 2013 dawns, maritime commercial fleets around the world are readying themselves for the ECDIS transition to electronically integrated charts and information. This revolutionary advance in navigation leverages the full power of digital integration to give bridge crews unprecedented awareness of vessel conditions and location. Find out how Moxa advances are improving this technology with practical innovations in hardware efficiency and resilience. Read more.

Now Available Applications & Success Stories
5 and 8-port managed Ethernet switches with PROFINET enabled
Managed SHDSL Ethernet extender
PoE pass-through embedded serial-to-Ethernet device servers
Marine computers featuring diverse networking interfaces
Rugged HD day-and-night box type H.264 IP cameras
An Industrial-Grade Rugged IP CCTV System for Adaro’s Kelanis Mining Site
Redundant Wireless Roaming Maximizes ATO Availability for a Brazilian Railway
Real-Time Data Monitoring on a Drilling Rig
Daisy Chain Remote I/O Reduces Cabling Costs for Bridge Lighting System