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Concurrent Dual-Radio Technology for Zero-Packet-Loss Communication
The unpredictability of radio interference has long been a deterring factor for industrial operators wanting to deploy wireless connectivity for mission-critical applications. Many self-healing and dual-band technologies have been developed to mitigate the impact of interference. However, signal recovery and renegotiation can still result in packet loss and is unacceptable for latency-intolerant applications. This month, we will discuss how zero-packet-loss communication can be achieved with Concurrent Dual-Radio Technology. Read more.
3 Must-Have Tools for PROFIBUS/PROFINET Automation Networks
Together, PROFIBUS and PROFINET embody how future manufacturing networks will combine time-tested industrial automation systems running fieldbus protocols with sophisticated enterprise-level business IT systems that run on Ethernet. PROFIBUS and PROFINET are linked by proxy gateways, beyond simply establishing communications, the proxy must also provide the essential management tools that will truly optimize the integrated network. Read more.

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Advanced 20 kV data line surge protectors
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Concurrent Dual-Radio Redundancy for Wind Turbine System Communication
Programming Free Click&Go for 4G Base Station Environmental Monitoring