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Optimizing Industrial Ethernet Solutions for Automation Convergence
The industrial revolution occurred because producers realized that many craftsmen collaborating together were far more efficient than individual craftsman working as individuals. This breakthrough insight is the foundation of modern industrial automation today. But further breakthroughs in efficiency and collaboration are still possible, and a new revolution is occurring in industrial automation.. Today, industrial automation operators are realizing that by integrating their disparate data control, process management, security, surveillance, and other automation systems, it is possible to achieve even greater heights of efficiency, safety, and quality. Read more.
Versatile, Durable, and Extendable Train Systems
On mainline passenger trains, train computers must support a wide variety of automated services and applications over a widely distributed infrastructure. Taken together, communications with wayside stations and control centers, Wi-Fi access and services for passengers, NVR/CCTV, operator logistics, and passenger ticketing subsystems are all as likely as the other to be found on any mainline passenger train, making versatility, modular extensibility, and serial-to-Ethernet optimization key features for a master train computer. Read more.

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Automated GPS Toll Collection with Gigabit Ethernet
Flexible Dual-RF Design: Using Bridge Mode to Extend Power Grid De-Icing System
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