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Three Unique Security Vulnerabilities of Industrial Networks
Industrial automation devices control extremely critical and valuable assets, but all too often security is an afterthought in industrial networks. In the past, industrial operators trusted in their isolation from the broader network, the relative obscurity of their communications protocols, and the physical security of their facilities to protect the integrity of their networks. Now, in a more connected world, industrial automation networks must confront their unique security vulnerabilities. Read more.
Automating System Rewrites for Hazardous Field Sites: Smart Recovery for the Oil and Gas Industry
Justifiably renowned as having some of the most harsh and dangerously unforgiving of work environments, field equipment used by the fossil fuels industry must meet stringent, highly reliable safety and performance benchmarks. In such environments, commercial PCs are so short-lived as to be practically useless. Because of the tremendous technology features and optimizations that Ethernet, enterprise information technology and communications (IT).Read more.

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