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Deploying Industrial-Grade CCTV Systems in Real World Applications

Although industrial-grade networking products are now commonplace in applications around the world, and many systems integrators and process engineers are well versed in the types of products needed to build and maintain a successful industrial installation, an often overlooked but equally important component of such installations is the CCTV security system.

Although installing security camera equipment that is truly industrial-grade may seem like a daunting and expensive prospect, by planning ahead, the cost can be kept well within even the most conservative budget restrictions, and the benefits far outweigh not only cost, but other concerns as well.

In this article, we use actual case studies to show why industrial-grade CCTV systems are crucial for mission-critical applications operating in harsh environments, and outline the solutions that were used to make these operations a success.

Case Study 1: Surveillance of a Gas Transit Pipeline

In mid 2012, one of world’s leading oil & gas companies was looking for a CCTV solution that could work perfectly in the grim weather conditions of remote, rural areas of Russia to monitor a critical gas transit pipeline system and manned operation station.

Moxa CCTV solutions used for this project:

VPort P26: Industrial fixed dome camera
VPort 36-1MP-IVA-T: Industrial fixed box camera
SoftNVR-IA: Industrial NVR software


Installing a CCTV system in the harsh environment of remote Russia poses a number of challenges:

• Wide temperature environment

The demanding weather conditions in Russia pose a huge challenge for traditional CCTV systems, which are usually designed to operate in a -10 to 50°C temperature range (or slightly wider -30 to 60°C range with the help of a heater or fan). Since Russian winters are notoriously cold, with temperatures frequently dipping below -30°C, traditional CCTV solutions are simply unfit for this kind of application.

• High cost of maintenance work

Since the gas pipeline stretches through a vast territory, sending maintenance people to the field to inspect and repair malfunctioning devices is extremely costly and can lead to delays in operation.

Case Study 2: Perimeter Surveillance for an Industrial Complex

In gulf area of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, an industrial complex is under development to boost local industrial development. The complex is being created to integrate critical industrial applications such as mining operations and chemical plants. To ensure the highest level of security, the developers were looking for a cost-effective CCTV system with guaranteed performance and reliability.

Moxa CCTV solutions used for this project:

VPort 36-1MP-T: Industrial fixed-box camera


• Wide temperature environment

As one of the hottest areas in the world, the temperature in the Middle East can easily exceed 50°C during the summer time, presenting a great challenge to traditional CCTV systems, most of which can only guarantee reliable operation up to 50°C (or at most 60°C for some brands with the help of a fan).

• Dusty, windy environmentk

With "desert" the most common backdrop in the Middle East, the air is often filled with dust, especially in the less populated areas, and if a desert sandstorm blows in, outdoor devices with fans become likely points of failure.

How Moxa's Industrial-Grade CCTV Solution Answers the Challenge

As a leading industrial-grade CCTV solution provider, Moxa delivers the quality and features needed to answer the challenge of installing CCTV solutions in harsh environments.

• Wide Operating Temperature without Fan or Heater

Outdoor CCTV cameras that feature IP66 weatherproof protection should also undergo high temperature testing since the temperature inside the camera's housing can easily reach 15 to 20°C above the ambient temperature outside the protective housing. With this is mind, a basic requirement for outdoor CCTV cameras should be an operating temperature above 60°C, particularly if the camera will be used during the summer time in most parts of the world. In addition, being able to cold start at extremely low temperatures is just as important as being able to operate reliably at high temperatures.

Unlike traditional CCTV solutions, Moxa's industrial grade CCTV devices are designed for harsh, industrial applications, and since it's common for the ambient temperature in industrial environments to reach far outside the human comfort zone, Moxa's CCTV solutions are designed to work reliably in temperatures ranging from -40 to 75°C, which is suitable for the vast majority of demanding industrial environments.

An important aspect of the design of Moxa's CCTV cameras is that a fan is not needed in a high temperature environment. This is a crucial consideration for industrial devices, since industrial environments are usually dusty, making fans particularly vulnerable points of failure. For this reason, systems that rely on fans for high temperature operation are sure to crash frequently if used in dusty environments.

• Industrial-Grade MTBF

Most CCTV cameras on the market are covered by a 1 to 3-year warranty, and some even exclude moving parts. Since Moxa's cameras have such a high MTBF, we confidently warrant our fixed cameras for 5 years, and our PTZ and zoom cameras for 3 years—the longest warranties in the industry. This fact alone allows our customers to reduce their total cost of ownership for CCTV systems from a system lifecycle perspective.

• 5-Year Warranty for IP Cameras

Unlike traditional CCTV solutions, Moxa's cameras have MTBF values above 500,000 hours (the precise number depends on the model), which translates into greater reliability for the end-user. For most industrial applications, cameras are installed over a wide area and in remote locations, making it impractical to frequently send workers into the field to maintain equipment, and making it doubly important to use cameras with higher MTBFs in industrial projects.

Find out how Moxa's Industrial CCTV Solutions Can Help Your Project

Moxa's product portfolio includes IP cameras, video encoders, distributed NVRs, and application software, providing essentially all the devices you need to establish an industrial-grade CCTV system. Visit us at http://www.moxa.com/product/ip_surveillance.htm or download our latest industrial IP surveillance brochure for a complete introduction to our entire range of IP video surveillance solutions.

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