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A New Benchmark for Industrial Ethernet Reliability
Hazards such as electro-magnetic interference and noise, severe shock and vibration, and high temperature variations are all common in industrial environments and can quickly compromise system reliability. This month we look at how Moxa’s next-generation EDS-E series switches are subjected to extreme testing to prove their resilience against severe environmental threats. Read more.
Intelligently Heating Your Computer
Oil and gas platforms are being pushed to geographic extremes where cold is becoming just as confounding a problem as heat has ever been. Mission-critical applications in these environments must be equipped with safe, efficiently dependable heating systems. This month, we look at Moxa’s solution to this often confounding problem. Read more.

Now Available Applications & Success Stories
Fanless Rugged Zone 2 19-inch 1000 nits LCD Panel Computer with Touch Screen
Industrial IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n IP68 Dual-Radio Wireless AP/Bridge/Client
Cellular Street Light Control System
ECDIS Navigation System