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The Five Key Elements of a Successful Digital Oil Field
The demand for hydrocarbons continues to rapidly increase, even as the supply of the skilled labor needed to produce them is leveling off. To succeed, the oil industry is building Digital Oil Fields (DOF): automated extraction environments that centralize large amounts of real-time data for expert monitoring and control. Read on to find out how Moxa is outfitting today’s automated oil fields. Read more.
Reliable Industrial Networks for a Smarter Future
The rapid rise in global population and depletion of our limited resources has prompted industries around the world to develop solutions for a smarter way of life. In particular, businesses around the world are leveraging the Internet of Things for a smarter future in the form of critical initiatives in smart manufacturing, smart transportation, and smart grid applications through the convergence of industrial automation networks and control systems. Read more.

Now Available Applications
Rugged, compact RTU controllers
Smart cellular remote I/O with Click&Go Logic
IEC 61850-3 28-port managed rackmount Ethernet switches
8-port 3-in-1, RS-422/485 PCI Express board with surge and electrical isolation
4-port RS-422/485 PCI Express board with surge and electrical isolation
16-port RS-232/422/485 PCI Express board with surge protection
Building Intelligent Control Networks for Tunnel Emergency Response