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Total Industrial Network Life Cycle Management Made Easy
The industrial network management lifecycle includes many different stages, each with its own time-consuming unique requirements, software tools, and work processes. Using a total life cycle management tool would greatly reduce error and inefficiency by consolidating this tangle into a single platform that can be used for all stages of network management. Read more.
Visual Management of PRP/HSR Networks
The unified PRP/HSR protocol gives substations a consistent, defined protocol for reliable network redundancy that is fast enough for substation operations. However, there is no similarly unified standard for the network management interface. A native PRP/HSR management server with built-in middleware can provide this key piece and make substation network operations easier than ever. Read more.

Now Available Applications & Success Stories
5-port IEEE 1588v2 PTP managed Ethernet switches
Industrial IEEE 802.1n wireless AP/client
High performance network video recorder computer
Communication-centric RISC computing platform
19 inch ECDIS color calibrated and fanless panel computers
Meteorological Surveillance System Makes Transportation Safer
Safer Railroad Crossings in Australia with Smart IP Video Surveillance