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When Rolling Stock Shows Its Age:
Replace or Refurbish?
Although rolling stock is always built to last, the time will eventually come when it either needs to be replaced or refurbished. But which one is the right choice for the situation? Deciding which option to take, and when to take it, requires careful planning and involves a number of important criteria. Read more.
Case Study: Optimizing Data Center Energy Usage
We’ve all felt the frustration of not being able to access “something” on the Internet, whatever that something may be. With this in mind it’s no wonder that data centers are always on the lookout for an economical but high tech solution for providing twin core preqrequisites of a reliable data center: a stable power supply and reliable cooling. Read more.

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14+4G-port Gigabit managed Ethernet switches
IEC 62439-3 3-port full Gigabit embedded managed redundancy modules
IRIG-B expansion module for DA series 19" rackmount computers
X86 industrial computer with 3rd generation Intel® Core™ processor, fanless, wide temperature
Reliable IP CCTV Solutions for Onboard Applications
IP Video Surveillance for a Smarter and Safer Wayside Environment