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Ensuring Nonstop IP Surveillance with an Optimized Industrial Ethernet Network
The term “mission-critical” should not be taken lightly since it is used to describe networks that, once they experience instability or transmission problems, could result in serious damage to equipment and facilities, or even injuries or loss of life. In recent years, video surveillance systems have played an increasingly important role in ensuring the reliability and safety of mission-critical infrastructures. Read more.
Choosing the Right Industrial Firewall: The Top 7 Considerations
A major concern of multi-purpose networks is a new class of threats that targets industrial automation systems. Legacy networks are particularly vulnerable to malicious network attacks or unintended operations since they tend to lack proper security measures. Here’s how to build up cybersecurity systems that are tailored to protect these industrial networks. Read more.

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EN 50155 16-port Ethernet switches with up to 8 PoE ports
Trusted Industrial-Grade IP CCTV System for Hazardous Oil and Gas Environments
Efficient CCTV Solution for BRT Transportation Systems