September 2015
Expand Network Visibility to Mobile Phones for Efficient Network Management
Current statistics show that globally, the number of mobile users is now greater than the number of desktop users, and we can expect this global trend to expand into the industrial automation workplace. In fact, since engineers joining the workforce today are accustomed to using mobile devices in their private life, it is only natural that they would want to use the same devices to simplify their work life.
System Redundancy in Substation Retrofits
In order to reduce the occurrence and duration of power outages, power grids around the world are increasingly retrofitting legacy power substations to automate control, data acquisition, and supervision. For the overhaul to proceed smoothly, substatation operations and redundancy must be maintained, even after legacy devices are upgraded or replaced. In this article, we evaluate two different approaches to achieving management-system redundancy.
The Smart Oil Field - Pump Jack Monitoring
Adding Mobile Network Visibility for a Rail Network
SMART Industrial Ethernet Solutions Brochure
White Paper
Building Wireless Networks for the Internet of Things
Solar Power System Diagram Flyer
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