October 2015
The recent push for safety and operational efficiencies has led to HMI technology becoming more capable, powerful, and portable around the rig environment, so much so that the term “HMI” is becoming antiquated in oil and gas operations. HMI’s are now becoming synonymous with Industrial Panel Computers (IPCs), which are replacing the HMIs of the last two decades with the power of high-performance computing and advanced touch screen technology.
It is easy to say “Let's tap into the Internet of Things by making every device a smart device and connect everything to the network,” but how do we actually execute this? The challenges we face include: limited space inside devices, high temperatures that can disable critical components, the huge cost of connecting all those IoT devices together, interoperability with legacy devices, and—if we are successful—then we still have to deal with a torrent of raw sensor data that can clog up networks and overload processors.
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