January 2008
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•Maximizing Substation Network Availability
Maximizing Substation Network Availability
The key responsibility of power utilities is to offer uninterrupted and reliable electric power to the public, even when harsh environmental conditions make power generation difficult. Power automation systems require integrated communications in order to manage the various processes.
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•Secure Terminal Servers
Secure Terminal Servers
NPort 6000 device servers provide serial-to-Ethernet connectivity that is both reliable and secure. They can be used to connect any serial device to an Ethernet network using a variety of operation modes—Real COM, TCP Server, TCP Client, UDP, RFC2217, Pair Connection, Ethernet Modem, Terminal, Reverse Terminal, Printer, and Dial in/out.
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thinkcore V481 embedded computer
Active Ethernet I/O
IP67-rated Ethernet switch
  x86 Ready-to-Run Embedded Computer  

Active Ethernet I/O

    IP67-rated Ethernet switch  
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